Dajak Center Banja Luka: Reviving a Unique Experience on the Vrbas River

Riding a traditional boat on the Vrbas river, an authentic cultural and tourist experience of Banja Luka, will now be presented and promoted in a modern and innovative way, through the new website of the Dajak Center – http://www.dajak.org/. In line with global trends, the new website will feature top-quality photographs and an attractive design to tell the story of this wooden boat of unique construction, and offer domestic and international visitors the opportunity to directly book and pay for a range of experiences, such as personalized rides, navigation courses, or dajak building. In this way, the dajak will become interesting to different segments of travelers, from adventurers in search of new adrenaline experiences to lovers of local traditions and customs, while the city of Banja Luka will enrich its tourist offer and become a more attractive destination.

The new website of the Dajak Center was developed with the technical support of the USAID Turizam project. In addition to creating the website, USAID Turizam also supported the redesign of the Dajak Center’s logo, and regularly included the experience of dajak riding in tours organized for representatives of international tourist media and tour operators. The City of Banja Luka made a significant contribution in improving the dajak experience by funding a dock on the Vrbas River in 2022. The Banja Luka Adult Education Center also contributed by recognizing the importance of education and skill development and launched workshops for training individuals in the construction of the dajak boat.

“I am thrilled to present to the public our new website that celebrates the ancient tradition of dajaks in our city. This interactive platform offers a journey through our heritage and invites visitors to experience the magic of the Vrbas River. We invite all citizens of Banja Luka and visitors to be part of an unforgettable dajak riding experience! I take this opportunity to thank our partners, the USAID Turizam project, the City of Banja Luka, and the Banja Luka Adult Education Center!”

Andrej Zamolo, President of the Dajak Center

“In line with the goal of developing sustainable tourism in Bosnia and Herzegovina, USAID provided technical support for the development of a modern website for the Dajak Center Banja Luka. With the registration of the Dajak Center as a business enterprise that can provide commercial services, this is an important moment for the Dajak Center, and we are very happy to be part of this process. We believe that the website will open up new opportunities for promoting activities and goals, and will have a positive impact on the work in the local community. USAID remains committed to supporting associations like the Dajak Center and we look forward to further collaboration aimed at developing sustainable tourism, and preserving Banja Luka’s rich cultural and historical heritage.”

Erol Mujanović, Deputy Director of the Economic Development Department, USAID/BiH

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