Discover Your Gastronomic Passion: Consider a Career as a Cook!

Thanks to the collaborative efforts of USAID Tourism, GIZ TVET, and the Ministry of Education of the Canton of Sarajevo, the Hospitality and Tourism School Sarajevo and Secondary School Center Hadžići have developed a new curriculum for the profession of cook. The curriculum is tailored to meet the needs of the hospitality industry and has been in use since September 2022. Currently, 60 students are attending classes according to the new curriculum, gaining practical experience by working with employers in the hospitality industry.

The response to the new curriculum has been overwhelmingly positive, with representatives of schools, chambers of commerce, and line ministries marking it as a significant step forward in modernization, especially in terms of student-centeredness and learning outcomes.

The importance of continuous education in the hospitality industry was evident in the first HUBIH Masterclass organized by Sfera d.o.o. in March 2023. Over 250 participants attended ten masterclasses all in one place, featuring the best lecturers from the gastronomy and beverage industry, who shared their secrets and provided new techniques and tricks to the attendees.

USAID Turizam interviewed renowned chefs and participants of gastronomy masterclasses, who shared their love for the profession and spoke about this craft’s real challenges and beauty. Furthermore, a recent analysis by USAID Turizam revealed a gap of 8100 workers in the hospitality and tourism industry until 2027, indicating a high demand for skilled professionals in the upcoming years.

In light of this, Mr. Predrag Blagojević, a teacher of culinary crafts, encourages parents and students to consider culinary education: “Send your children to our schools, you will see that it is a very promising, well-paid occupation, an occupation from which they can be useful members of this society, lead their families on the right path, and spread the name of our profession, our city throughout the world.”

Are you ready to explore your passion for gastronomy and embark on a career as a cook?

Join the culinary adventure and choose your path to become a skilled professional in the hospitality industry.

Find your motivation today by watching the video:

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