Extended Call for Private Companies and Associations

USAID Turizam invites all private companies and associations with proven experience in developing tourism products, creating and strengthening the tourist offer, establishing links between agricultural production, tourism, and rural tourism, to submit applications for grants. This is to support their efforts to strengthen and expand their offer, especially if they are active within the projects of the Herzegovina Wine Route (HWR) and the Most Beautiful Villages of BiH (MBV).

The targeted activities within this public call are:

  • Transforming products (handicrafts, agricultural products) into a tourism product,
  • Developing new or improving existing tourism products or experiences, especially within HWR and MBV,
  • Technical assistance in the development, packaging, presentation, offering, sales, marketing, and promotion of tourism products,
  • Supporting local events and experiences that connect wineries with other producers in the tourism chain,
  • Cooperation among local businesses to create value chains in tourism that can attract more tourists,
  • Creating and improving advanced tourist experiences,
  • Procurement of key materials and resources for the introduction and maintenance of special tourism experiences.

For additional details and conditions, download the documents below:

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Watch an info session below (avaialable only in local language):

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