Guide for People with Disabilities: Education and Careers in Tourism and Hospitality

Work and employment provide an opportunity for independence, which is an important goal for every person, including individuals with disabilities. The feeling of independence, personal and social responsibility, self-esteem, confidence, social interaction, and friendships that are built in the work environment have an invaluable significance on the psychological, social, and economic aspect of every individual.
With the aim of encouraging and motivating people with disabilities to achieve professional success in the tourism sector, this Guide has been prepared.

The Guide provides an overview of the legal regulations by which the state of Bosnia and Herzegovina protects the rights of persons with disabilities, and information on educational institutions where knowledge and competencies needed for jobs in tourism can be acquired. On the other hand, the Guide gives a description of the necessary knowledge and skills for the most in-demand jobs in tourism and the key steps in job searching.

We believe that this Guide will help and encourage people with disabilities to expand and increase their competencies for work in tourism. Tourism offers numerous job opportunities, along with the chance for continuous learning and advancement. By using the information provided in the Guide, people with disabilities will have increased opportunities for employment and entrepreneurial ventures in tourism and hospitality.

The Guide can be downloaded in one of 3 formats. Please note that the Guide is currently available only in local language.

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