Standards for Guides in Adventure Tourism


USAID’s Developing Sustainable Tourism in Bosnia and Herzegovina (Turizam) cooperated with the Adventure Trade and Travel Association (ATTA) to enhance the competence of adventure travel guides and provide support for this form of travel through the creation of different guidelines.

Due to its good geographical location, relatively low service charges, outstanding quality, and affordable food and drink options, Bosnia and Herzegovina has been recognized as an increasingly appealing adventure tourism destination over the past few years.

Numerous activities, including those on the rivers Una, Vrbas, Neretva, and Tara, in the mountains of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and along the Via Dinarica route, provide unique adventure tourist experiences. Included within the activities are rafting, kayaking, photo safaris with tours, bird and wildlife observation, and tasting of local cuisine.

The region is a paradise for adventurers, nature enthusiasts, and people seeking adventurous, beautiful, and relatively inexpensive activities. It contains many national parks and other protected areas and is replete with pristine nature.

To fully utilize the country’s immense potential, the adventure tourism industry has made significant efforts that have resulted in the production of a variety of interesting and unique adventures. Bosnia and Herzegovina has ideal conditions for the growth of adventure tourism, which involves at least two of the following three components: physical activity, cultural exchange, and interaction with or activity in nature. In addition, the industry has expedited its efforts to improve safety, operational, and environmental standards in every aspect. Additionally, the industry seeks to promote itself through multiple channels, with adventure travel guides at the top of the priority list.

Professional tour guides are important for offering ethical, secure, and exciting adventure travel experiences. They advise guests on risk avoidance and shape the entire experience, from safety to customer service. In addition to safeguarding the safety of guests, they are responsible for delivering high-quality, environmentally friendly experiences. Therefore, skilled adventure tourism guides are as valuable to tourists as they are to the businesses with which they are affiliated. Thus, it is essential that adventure guides comply to predetermined rules with the goal of offering best practices, and adventure travel businesses should guarantee that its staff, particularly the guides, comply to these guidelines.

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