Tourism for All: A Guide for Tourism Service Providers

Tourism for All_guide-for-service-providers-in-tourism_rights-of-persons-with-disabilities_disability-in-tourism_how-to-get-employed-in-tourism_jobs-in-tourism-for-persons-with-disabilities_employer_inclusion_tourism_usaid-turizam

How to improve accessibility and inclusion in tourism?

The fundamental condition for respecting the rights of people with disabilities is accessibility. According to recent data from the World Organization, 16% of the total global population has some form of disability, and this figure in the European Union amounts to as much as 8 million people.

Tourism, as one of the fastest-growing industries, opens up a large labor market, and Bosnia and Herzegovina, as a hidden tourism gem in the heart of Europe, is becoming an appealing destination to tourists from different parts of the world. Following the trend of high demand and record tourist seasons, USAID’s Turizam project recognized the need to create an inclusive environment for both workers and visitors, and has developed a unique Guide for this purpose.

What can you find in the Guide?

The Guide is aiming to provide clear guidelines to the tourism sector on how to adapt their services to the needs of tourists with disabilities and to employ people with disabilities as part of their business. In the Guide, you can find answers to some of the most important questions related to creating equal opportunities in the business environment:

Tourism for All_guide-for-service-providers-in-tourism_rights-of-persons-with-disabilities_disability-in-tourism_how-to-get-employed-in-tourism_jobs-in-tourism-for-persons-with-disabilities_employer_inclusion_tourism_usaid-turizam

What are the advantages of employing people with disabilities and creating an inclusive environment for all visitors? 

People with disabilities can have various impairments, requiring an environment in which they feel accepted and fulfilled. Forms of disability include long-term physical, mental, intellectual, or sensory impairments, so in facing different life challenges, they are exposed to barriers that hinder their full and effective participation in the community. 

People with disabilities are productive workers, as they are motivated and committed to their work. Including people with disabilities in a work team, along with other colleagues, enriches the team’s diversity, which further encourages creativity and prepares the team to better solve everyday challenges.  

For example, including people with Down syndrome in the labor market is beneficial in multiple ways. On one hand, work significantly improves the quality of life for people with Down syndrome, and on the other hand, their presence in the workplace can improve the organizational health of the company they work for.  

Raise the bar of social responsibility, advocate for inclusion in tourism!

More and more people value socially responsible companies, which means that by applying these guidelines, you directly influence the creation of a positive business image and a better reputation for your business. In addition, it is important to mention that adapting services in tourism brings additional business benefits, as through satisfying all users of tourism services, you ensure greater success in business.

It is important to emphasize that by applying the guidelines outlined in the Guide, you not only show your readiness to make a greater contribution to the local community, but also directly affect the increase in the employment rate of people with disabilities in Bosnia and Herzegovina. In the very dynamic tourism sector, the lack of labor force, according to USAID’s Analysis and Forecast of Human Capital Needs in the Tourism Sector (2021 – 2027),is not just a current state, but a deeper issue and challenge that requires a strategic approach. For this reason, it is important to equally involve all actors in the wider tourism value chain and other closely related sectors.

Be part of the story of Tourism for All, advocate for inclusion and equal rights!

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