USAID Turizam Announces A Public Call For Enterprises in Hospitality Sector

USAID Turizam invites registered hospitality enterprises in BiH (Bosnia and Herzegovina) to submit applications for grant funding aimed at improving service accessibility for people with disabilities in hospitality venues, primarily hotels and restaurants. Eligible activities for funding within this public call include:

  • Enhancement of accommodation accessibility: Hotels can apply for funds to make their accommodation more accessible, meeting accessibility standards such as the installation of ramps, elevators with Braille labels, visual alarms in rooms, and accessible bathrooms and parking.
  • Initiatives focused on awareness of barriers: Activities aimed at increasing awareness and developing innovative solutions, including staff training, accessibility audits, social media campaigns, and collaboration with disability rights groups.
  • Inclusive hospitality services: Restaurants are encouraged to apply for funds to make their premises accessible to all guests, including those with mobility or sensory disabilities. This includes adjusting seating arrangements, menus, and staff training.
  • Staff training and development: Applications for funding can include staff training and development programs to better assist guests with disabilities (e.g., completing training on communication with people with disabilities, such as sign language or similar training, etc.).
  • Campaigns to reduce social biases: Grants support initiatives that combat biases against people with disabilities in hospitality and tourism. This includes promoting positive experiences of people with disabilities and partnerships with local communities.

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Annex G

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